BowTite is a revolutionary Neck joint system that is superior to conventional dove-tail or bolt-on systems. Using minimal mechanical fasteners, BowTite allows quick access for neck removal and superior sound transfer.

The system assists the modern guitar maker by:
-Providing a consistent and reliable method to join neck to body without using direct-mounting bolts or traditional dove-tail technology
-Enablement of improved neck removal characteristics for future service and repair needs
-improving efficiency of neck-to-body sonic relationship by producing more solidity to the mechanical contact between the two entities.

  • Superior sound transfer
  • Non-invassive to instrument body
  • Percission neck-to-body contact
  • Extreme ease of neck removal

BowTite is the creation of Bob Rigaud of Rigaud Guitars.
After performing hundreds of neck sets with conventional neck connection systems, (dove-tail, bolt-on) led to creation of a simple yet more efficient way of attaching necks to instruments.

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